So, let’s talk about what women get wrong about what men value in a woman.

A lot of women think that certain things men value but in reality, you’re only looking at it from your perspective. I’ve heard a lot of women talk and I think to myself “I don’t think guys don’t give a fck about that” and I’m gonna tell you, there are 6 things that guys really don’t value in a woman and you ladies put a lot of emphasis on it to the point where you’re almost wasting your time caring about it.

The first thing is this, guys don’t give a fck about honesty. Here’s what I’m talking about honest: if you banged the whole football team, do not be honest and tell the guy that. Don’t tell him that because you think that being honest is gonna make him like you. This turns a guy off. Don’t tell a guy all your dirty secrets just because you gotta be honest. Learn the art of selective honesty.

The second one is makeup. Women put more emphasis on makeup, their nails, but I’ve never seen a guy say “Yo, man, she wasn’t wearing enough makeup so I couldn’t go out with her”. Guys don’t care about that kind of stuff.

The third one is money and success. This is actually really shitty. It’s shitty and unfortunate for women. Guys don’t give a fck about women who has a lot of money–only gold-diggers do. What’s funny is that the more successful you are as a woman, the more difficult it is to find a guy because your standards rise. If you think that making more money and getting more success is gonna make a guy like you, you’re wrong. It’s better to hide your success from a guy. Hide it because some guy’s ego is very insecure. This is actually the most unfair aspect of dating: the fact that a man can be more successful than a woman and it’s actually more attractive but it’s not vice versa.

The fourth thing is that men don’t give a fck about your height. Unless you’re a little person, obviously some people have preferences–men don’t care about how tall or short the woman is. It’s kind of cool if a woman’s tall or short–whatever, but in the end of the day, really guys don’t care about a woman’s height. Only you, ladies, assume they care because you care.

The fifth and last thing is sex. Look, a healthy guy should not get turned off id you have sex with him on the first date. It shouldn’t turn him off. And if you think that a guy’s getting turned off simply because you’re having sex, that is just your own insecurity.