Today, we’re gonna talk about 5 things women don’t understand about men.

  1. D!ck$ can text — well, in the beginning when a guy is talking to you, his d!ck will make him think he likes you. So you can easily confuse him that he likes you.
  2. Wanting d!ck is different than being needy — if you just want something from a guy, trust me, he’s not going to see you first of all. It’s better to do this to guys that you don’t know.
  3. Men get and feel jealousy — men will feel more hurt.
  4. Men get envious more of sexual infidelity more than emotional infidelity — women will get more hurt from emotional infidelity than sexual infidelity
  5. men will value more if you are outside of tinder — there’s a big difference between meeting a woman on Tinder and meeting a woman in real life.