5 Traits Men Want Secretly Want In a Woman That Women Are Not Aware Of!

There are a lot of things that men and women don’t understand about each other. There are things that man finds attractive but if a woman views them from her perspective she doesn’t find them attractive So today we’re gonna talk about things you think that is unattractive but men find attractive.

First of all, having a boring life. Women tend to think that if you’re not out there partying men might find you boring. Let me tell you something, a man that is looking for a relationship does not want a wild woman. When it comes to settling down men want a woman who is more reserved. A man wants a woman who hasn’t done much so he can show you the world. And if you have been adventurous, lie about it.

The second one is what makes you weird. Listen, there’s always someone for everyone and you’re a weirdo be that weirdo because someone’s gonna want that weirdness. If a guy likes a weird girl and your his weird girl he’s gonna like you even more.

The third is women who are financially intelligent. In short, women are frugal and don’t spend a lot of money. When a woman shows that she is considerate of a man’s money they like it.

Fourth thing, having a weakness. It means having some form of any type of weakness that can help the guy help. There is some weakness that you should express especially if it requires him to kind of help and assist you that won’t really hurt him. You can reveal those things. All of those things are attractive to a guy because he likes to play the rescuer.

Fifth and last one in being naivete. Men don’t want women who have done everything because deep down all men want a woman who hasn’t done much. A woman who has a little bit of innocence a little bit of naivete and relative chastity. And that’s how life is.

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