5 Types Of Toxic Men To Avoid AT ALL COST!!!

Today, we’re gonna be talking about the five types of guys to avoid at all costs. These types of guys are the toxic kind of men, the kind of men that will completely ruin your life. This is one of the reasons why a lot of the times, women are unsuccessful in dating. It’s not because they don’t know what to do, it’s just that they stick with the wrong guy.

When you stick with guys that are toxic, by default, your relationship and your dating life will be toxic. It’s just how that works. Rather than learning how to make a guy like you, sometimes, you get a lot more done by learning how to avoid the wrong type of guys.

The first type of guy you have to avoid is The Moralizer. It’s the type of person that would judge you if you have sex with him on the first date. The Moralizer is the type of person that will judge you because you suck dick. That type of shit. It’s the type of person that will judge you because you please him sexually. It makes no sense and it’s backward shit but The Moralizer is the type of person that doesn’t accept and see you for who you are. They come across as morally righteous, they might even be religious but not open-minded religious. More like a zealot. He’s always judging women by their looks.

Moralizers are always trying to change how you look and always trying to say “Don’t dress so provocatively”–they’re just toxic as fck.

The second one is The Inconsistent Man. If the man is inconsistent from the beginning, find another man. Be more difficult on people in the beginning. It’s almost like you’re an employee. If you’re late in the third year of your job, it’s okay but if you’re late on the first day of your job, just go back home. You want to be difficult in the beginning because men show themselves who they are in the beginning by being inconsistent. The problem is that a lot of you ladies like that sht unconsciously. A lot of you unconsciously react to men being inconsistent–it’s your main weakness.

The third one is The Cheater. This is obvious but how do you find out if he’s a cheater? Look, it’s very simple. With every man that you talk to, tell them how you dated a man who’s a cheater and that he changed. Tell the guy how you believe that men can change. Why? It’s because if he’s a cheater, he’ll tell you if he cheated before.

The fourth one is The Obsessed Boyfriend. In the beginning, he’s always asking where you at or he’s always saying to let him know when you come home or this or that. This kind of person comes across as though they care a lot but in reality, it’s jealousy masquerading almost as though they care. This is toxic because as the relationship progresses, they won’t see you as an individual but an extension of themselves. Obsessive boyfriends will tell you who to not hang out with and who to hang out with. They will get jealous if you’re hanging out with your friends–heck, they won’t even let you hang out with your friends because he’ll think you’re cheating. Especially with women who have an anxious type of attachment, you gotta be careful with these kinds of guys because it comes across as though it’s love. If you’re someone who’s really anxious, you will mistake obsessiveness for love. Be careful of guys who love you too fast.

The fifth one is The Abuser. This is someone that you have to avoid. You’ll know he’s an abuser when he calls you names. He starts out as an obsessive boyfriend actually. He gets really angry and sometimes The Abusers are not even angry-angry people. Sometimes, they’re more controlled.

The point is that anytime a guy calls you names–calls you a b!tch, calls you any name, makes fun of you–he has the potential to be an abuser. Anytime somebody puts their hands on you, he’s gonna do it again. Don’t be ashamed if you’re somebody who’s an abuser, tell your friends.

We all walk in stream. A lot of women are in these types of relationships and they’re just ashamed of it but you have to realize that this is very common. It’s normal–we all go through bad things and it’s luck. We just have bad luck. Some people just encounter people who are abusive but it doesn’t mean that you should keep it to yourself. Tell somebody and ask for help. There’s nothing wrong with it and it’s not a shameful thing. It’s something that shows strength.

If you’re being abused or with somebody who’s physically and mentally abusive, gaslighting you and making you question reality, get away from that guy. That guy doesn’t love you and will not love you. Find somebody who’s more positive in your life.