Today we’re going to talk about five ways a man could raise his value.

  1. Moving to another country – generally speaking when you move to another country they see you as different or biologically speaking you have a different immune system. Something foreign naturally makes it more attractive.
  2. Competence – competence will always attract attention to you if you are the best one at your job, people will come to you for help.
  3. Leadership – If you have a job of being a manager or being a head of something because that just naturally puts you in the spotlight and it naturally makes you more attractive.
  4. Not lowering your value – when you try to raise your value by doing things that will make you look stupid. Some of the ways are trying to be friends with everybody too fast, talking too much, trying to be the charismatic person, being incompetent. All of these things lower your value.
  5. Getting into physical shape – Simply getting into shape raises your value.