5 Ways To Increase Your Sexual Market Value Today

The last way you want to increase your social market value is by going to the club and learning how to “talk” to girls. The best strategy is more of a passive strategy; it’s more of a strategy where you let them come to you than you go to them. See, you automatically lose points going to them.

So, these are the things that you guys could actually do and you’ll see results. I know that for sure. If you actually do these within a year or so, you will see results and without a shadow of a doubt, you’re going to get atleast one girl who wants to fxk you. I talk alot about this on my course Dark Game.

The first one is developing a skill. By developing a skill (whatever it is), the better you do it, the more women are attracted to you. The better you get, you’re gonna stand out and your social market value is gonna stand out. When you’re the best and you stand out, women are gonna be more attracted to you.

The second one is money. Not just money but money that you use to buy influence, to throw parties, etc. This softens people up. You just don’t keep the money, you give it out. You bring people together with money. Give people something so they’ll feel indebted to you. This automatically raises your value.

The third one is having a girlfriend. Why? It’s because girls don’t like your girlfriend so they want to fxk you to get back at her or the girls think that your girlfriend is pretty hot and as a result, by fxking you, they’re hot as your girl because that means they have the power to take you away from her. It’s backwards sht. Also, they sort of will find you naturally more attractive by you having another woman next to you. It’s just how it is.

The fourth one is joining multiple circles. Humans are naturally more powerful the more people they know. Power is a social thing. Power is something that requires other people to agree upon it. The more isolated you are, the less power you have. Even if you have money, if you’re not surrounded by people or if you don’t have alliances or people who support you, you don’t have power at all. The most powerful people have friends in different kinds of social circles. What you got to do is not just get stuck in your own social circle, go do things.

The fifth style is your style. Have a look about you. Don’t just dress bland. Have a certain stereotype with how you dress.You gotta find out what’s your personal style and who do you think you are and then just take it up another level. If you’re the bad boy, dress like a bad boy. You might think now that it doesn’t work because you may not get laid but I could promise you, it truly does have an effect.

So yeah, these are the 5 ways to increase your market value.