1. Make him feel that you’re mad at him

This only works when he likes you and when he has chemistry with you. Because when a guy has chemistry with you it’s a lot harder to let go of you. Do not underestimate when a guy has chemistry with you because you’ll be surprised how many things they can tolerate for you. And his willingness to deal with all of this gives you a space to do a lot of these things because if he didn’t like you enough they might leave.

So basically you will misinterpret what they said and make them feel that you’re mad because of it. What tends to happen is that they feel the guilt and if they like you enough they take on the guilt and chase you. And what you do is that you don’t validate him completely you return to him but colder so they have to put on effort to bring you back to your stater before.

  1. Leave him alone when you’re away

Simply leaving a guy alone will make him needy. Why? Because most women won’t do that. So get him to complain about why you don’t initiate contact anymore or you could use the pattern I told you about texting which is the first text of the day respond to him for 2 to 3 hours then respond to him taking 5 to 20 minutes for three time and go back to 2 to 3 hours and then from time to time completely reverse that pattern and text back fast. And when you go on vacation don’t text him.

As long as you don’t have a history of cheating and you do this it will activate the insecurity in his heart that he’s been trying to conceal.

  1. The art of insinuation

This is all about talking about something that makes him feel insecure and comparing him to somebody else and switching the topic. You make him feel that the thought of losing you comes from him because you don’t continue about it and you change the subject. You just touch his insecurity then change the subject so he would process what he hears when you’re away and he will feel like it comes from him.

  1. Create a pattern of neediness and break it

So at first you text and call him a lot, you’re always there until he feels like you’re never gonna leave him and then you break that pattern. You stop initiating contact but you still respond and say yes to the date but now you don’t sound so excited. When you’re together you are there but when you’re away you made them feel like you’ve forgotten them. You might even cancel a date.

The point is that when you do this he will not understand what happen and he will ask himself what did he do then he’s going to start self-reflecting. And that self-reflection is gonna cause him to feel needy and insecure and the only way to remove that is to go to the which is you.

  1. Put him in a sexually competitive state

When a guy sees other people who want you it raises your value. It doesn’t matter who it is as long as you let him know that there’s another guy who wants you to put him in a sexually competitive state. Just remember to change the topic. Bring him up but don’t elaborate so he will think about it.

Just don’t hide the guys in your life because your afraid that it’s gonna make them jealous. In fact, be oblivion that these guys don’t want you even though it can be obvious.