5 WAYS TO MAKE HIM NEEDY (Toxic Seduction)

This is almost gaslighting and the truth to the matter is that’s the only part of the videos that I make that I’m not too proud about because this is something that people use to abuse people sp just listen to this and just understand the core and the soul of this. Don’t apply some of these things so directly and abusively and don’t get this masochistic and sadistic kind of pleasure from this because it’s fcked up.

The first thing you need to do is to make him feel like you’re mad at him. This only works when he likes you. Here’s the prerequisite: this works when you have chemistry because when a guy has chemistry with you, it’s a lot harder to let go of you and he’s gonna say that he doesn’t feel like that way for a lot of women so he’s gonna deal with this. hen you have chemistry with a guy, don’t underestimate how much bullshit they’re willing to give when they like you. If there’s no emotional attachment and you do this, he might leave.

The second is to leave him alone when you’re away. Simply leaving a guy alone will make him needy because most women don’t leave guys the fck alone. When a woman likes you, most of the time she doesn’t leave you alone and so when you leave a guy alone, that gets him to complain while you don’t contact him. This can activate insecurity.

The third thing is doing the art of insinuation. This is pretty much talking about something that makes him feel insecure, comparing him to somebody else and then switching the topic.

The fourth one is to create a pattern of neediness and then break it. It could be that you were calling and texting him a lot or it could be that you’re always there and you were actually acting needy AND HE TOOK YOU FOR GRANTED and he felt like you’re never gonna leave him.. what you gotta do is BREAK THAT PATTERN. Stop initiating contact and act a little colder.

The fifth one is to put him in a sexually competitive state. When a guy sees that they want something that you have, all of a sudden that thing goes up in value.

At the end of the day, what matters is that he likes you. If he doesn’t then he’s not gonna react to these things that much.