5 Weakness Women Should NEVER Expose To Men They Like

Today we’re going to talk about the weak signs women need to stop showing men. Women need to stop exposing them and sometimes just fixing these weaknesses faces the issue.

  1. Being open emotionally too soon – It pretty much shows that you don’t value yourself as much. When you’re at a point that you’re trying to speed things up, that’s just being desperate. Opening up emotionally destroys your mystery. You have to control those emotions because it makes you look like such a fool.
  2. Letting a man speed things up – A lot of women lose leverage when they let a man speed things up. Even though he’s the one speeding things up, he expects you to resist and when you don’t resist he loses respect for you. When you slow him down, you actually pretty much say I’m not as into you as you are by now.
  3. Never say no even if it’s on purpose – When you like somebody, you’re more agreeable. A lot of the times when you’re always say yes to somebody that you like, you’re not aware of it but you’re having cognitive bias. What you have to learn to do is say no even if you really want to say yes because it actually raises your value.
  4. Forgiveness – You cannot be so forgiving to a guy. These are the types of sins you should never forget from a guy. One, cheating. Two, hitting you. Three, calling you names. You can’t be so forgetful. You never forget the things that people do to you.
  5. Trying to find happiness in a relationship – Unfortunately, a lot of you ladies are really in a relationship to find happiness and not to find partnership. It’s important to understand that you’re not alone in this because it makes the pain a little bit more bearable but outside of that you have to find a sense of purpose and that sense of purpose can come in many different ways. The reason why this is dangerous is because you’re gonna start projecting things onto him. The more unhappy you are, the more you’re going to idealize him.