6 Factors of a Man’s Sex Appeal

I did a lot of games when I was younger and I was taught that certain elements aren’t necessary when it comes to attracting women. I kind of neglected certain parts that increased my sex appeal. And the truth is what people say that needed to attract women was a lie or pretty much an advertisement. So here are some things that can increase your sex appeal.

First, your physique. Now your physique comes in two dimensions your physique in terms of your body and in terms of the adornments that you put on.  Unfortunately, being tall is a cheat code. How tall you are or how wide you are making a difference. Also wearing decent adornments makes you look somewhat higher.

Pre-selection is the second most important thing and people seeing that you’re wanted makes you more attractive. Desirability is a social factor and a social phenomenon where they like something because other people like it. 

The next one is cues of resources. Men judged women by their looks because their looks are a cue for their reproductive viability but with men, women look for their cues of resources like having a nice house, car, or jewelry. It also shows by buying a woman a gift, wearing nice clothes, and presenting yourself in a nice professional manner those things say I have resources.

Cues of power come across in terms of other people listening to you while you talk, other men or women respecting you, you’re the best in your job, or you are a leader. Another aspect of power is how you behave. All those things say you’re in power and mean you are in utter control. Those are all attractive things men have to develop.

The next one is alliances and friends. Having more friends makes you more attractive because it means more friends, more connections, and more ability you have to get out of problems. And women find that attractive because it was more beneficial to them. You also have to be careful with the friends you surround yourself with because women judge you depending on them.

The last one is skill, being good with something. Master something because in a woman it indicates discipline and self-control. It indicates having a strong mentality.