6 Reasons Why She Doesn’t Like You

One of the things for a young man to understand is why some women don’t like them. Why? It’s because you need some self-awareness. In order to become more attractive, you gotta know how you’re coming across. You need a certain level of self-awareness and sometimes, your ego makes you want to think that you’re perfect and as a result, you don’t think you have any flaws. It’s how it works.

I want to talk about some of the reasons why women don’t like you so that you could see it in your life and so you can fix those kinds of mistakes. When I was younger, if I knew why women didn’t like me, I would have been more successful with women. I was delusional, I thought women didn’t like me because I didn’t have enough verbal game, etc.

The first reason is that it’s just not meant to be. Some women, you don’t have to have any game and they’ll still like you. Like, you could be boring as fck and they’ll still like you. Some women just would like you and some women just wouldn’t.

The second reason is that you’re not high-value enough. In life, if you want people to value you, you gotta have something to offer. Have social circles, have friends, do something with your time, plan things.

The third reason is that you overpursue. Give women time to come back to you. When a woman says she’s busy, don’t keep pursuing. Just tell her to let you know when her schedule opens up. Don’t overpursue because it’ll make you look bad.

The fourth one is that you don’t know her long enough. Yes, she doesn’t like you because she doesn’t know you long enough too. Just give people time. If you do give people time long enough, they will like you. Slow it down.

The fifth reason is that you’re too much of a b!tch. You have too much feminine energy and you goof around too much. Don’t be a goofball. You gotta have a masculine frame to you. Be someone who’s focused. After a while, people will begin to notice you. Give them time. If they like you, they’ll come up to you. You gotta be relaxed and you can’t be looking as though you’re looking for attention.

The sixth reason is that she has a Tyrone in her life. She either has a boyfriend or a black guy who’s fcking her. Sometimes, women are contented with what they have and so you can’t take it personally.