6 Things Men Should Tell Every Woman

Most women are hardwired evolutionarily through natural selection to be attracted to certain traits of men because they have led to the survival of their children. These traits, when seen by a man, will create a “halo effect” which is if a woman likes you all of a sudden she’s going to like your other traits. So women love to hear certain things they don’t tell men these types of things because they’re not aware of it themselves. Men are not aware of it as well but these things work. 

The first one is communicating how many resources you have through your stories when you’re talking to women you want to indicate that you have money. It could also be through having jewelry, clothes, where you live, and how you travel. Also saying you go to therapy as a study shows that when you say this they see you as more attractive. 

Second thing is to talk about how you own a dog if you do or how your uncle to your mom’s dog or how good you are with children. You’re pretty much indicating to her that you have good fatherly instincts. and even though the woman might want to bang you that’s still a plus in her eyes. When you’re coming as masculine then show her that you have a sensitive side it makes you look more attractive.

The third is showing altruism. Showing altruism is very valuable. When you have high altruistic tendencies it says that maybe one day if you guys have a kid there’s a high likelihood you’re going to stay. Altruism is also a good gene to have for the family because it says that you’re selfless. If a woman sees you indirectly doing something selfless

The fourth one is talking about ambitious stories. You wanna tell women how ambitious you are through your stories. 

The fifth one is talking about your weakness and vulnerabilities. If you come across as too masculine you like you gotta have some weaknesses so something that you could do is when you talk to the woman is you can talk about how a woman breaks your heart. Or maybe how you have a tough time making friends as you were a kid that’s you’re alone a lot. Anything to bring some sympathy. I’m throwing you a psychological principle that sympathy makes people some come people towards you more, makes like you more, and wanna get closer to you more. This makes people see the real you.

The last one is telling brave stories. Because this simply indicates that if anybody tries to do something you got their back. Talk about stories of heroism and people will hear that and a couple switch turn on.