6 Things Only Good Men Find Beautiful in a Woman

So the first thing men find beautiful in a woman is maturity. A woman who knows what she wants. Maturity also means you know what you want in terms of me, you’re not uncertain and you’re emotionally ready for me. Good men will not deal with your uncertainty because they want peace in their life. Maturity is also very business prioritizing the long term over the short term because if you do this you make better decisions in any aspect of life.

The second thing men like in a woman is vulnerability. And a good man will find vulnerability in a woman attractive and not just that he will also not take advantage of it. He just wanna help and support you. And they like that because men are wired to help women to show their strength.

The third thing is they find it attractive when you stand up for yourself. An immature guy will not like that and will that as a challenge while a good guy will say that “wow I found a woman who stands up for yourself.”. So when you stand uo for yourself and he pulls away he is not the right guy for you and he is not even a good guy.

The fourth thing is when you have a good life. Because a good guy will see that as wow he can have a good life and she doesn’t have to be super needy with me we both can be our own individuals.

The fifth one is a woman who loves him. A good man finds this attractive. When you fall in love with a guy and you act submissive most guys will take advantage of you. But a good guy will appreciate you.

Sixth thing is that a good man will find a woman with good attachment styles attractive. If you are not super needy a good guy will find that attractive. A good guy will find an independent woman attractive while a guy who wants to control a woman will see this as a threat.

All of this comes down to doing work on yourself. Doing yoga, meditation, or reading books and the right guy will see you. You will find a guy who gives you happiness and that will appreciate you and it comes down to you to be mature enough to look for that kind of guy.