6 Ways Men Test Women

Today we’re going to talk about how men test women. You may not notice but people are constantly testing you and the reason why is because of three laws of human nature. The first one is that people will attack you if they think that you’re weak. That’s the first law of human nature. The second law of nature is that people will sense your weakness through your sub communication and the things you’ve done in the past. The third law of human nature is that people are after the easiest one. They will deter from you if they sense that you will harm them in the process of trying to take advantage of you. Some people are just there to take advantage of you and if you don’t let them they just leave.

These are the ways men test women:

1. Early sex – A lot of ways that women got impregnated back then was through rape. Other thing that a man will encourage early sex is to see a woman’s resistance. If she says no, it’s a good thing. If she says yes, she fails. A guy wants a woman who resists. A guy wants a woman who is strong. A guy wants a woman who’s control her emotions now.

2. They will look for signs of weakness in the past and see if they could exploit him – If they notice that you’re somebody who is easily manipulated, abusers see that as a gold mine, they get happy when you say, it’s actually something they want to hear. So if you went through a lot of abuse, I recommend you not to tell the guy in the beginning, because some guys are just looking for weakness.

3. Pulling away and seeing your response – This is the simplest one. Guys will literally pull away just to see whether or not you’re gonna over pursue, going to get emotional, or start responding fast because telling me those shows signs of weakness. Guys will not respond for a long time to see whether or not you’re going to double text. If a guy pulls away either he’s touching you, testing or he’s actually not interested to react the same way.

4. Hurting you in small ways and seeing your reaction – What they’ll do is that they’ll inflict pain. They’ll try to gaslight you to see whether or not or they’ll cancel a date to see how you’re going to respond. Don’t name call you or even hit you, to see whether or not you’ll pull away. They’re testing to see what the limits are. If they notice that you’re not somebody to play with a lot of times they’ll leave because they’re not there to love, they’re there to hurt.

5. They’ll test how gullible you are. A man’s responsibility is to lie about his value. Literally, guys are designed to lie. Gullibleness, believing in everything you see is the worst trait you could have as a woman.