7 FATAL MISTAKES Women Make That Make Themselves Look Desperate

Today, we’re gonna be talking about fatal mistakes women make that make them look desperate.

The first thing is that you let a man disrespect you. Whatever you deem disrespectful, you gotta call people out on it and let them know you don’t like it and hopefully they don’t repeat it. It’s strength when you tell somebody what they did that was disrespectful. People will disrespect you to test you to see if they’re going to get away from it. The first time it happens, call them out on it. The next time, you just pull away.

The second thing is double texting. If he doesn’t respond to you, take a hint.

The third thing is texting too fast. Literally texting too fast and texting after sex makes you look desperate.

The fourth thing is asking a guy “What are we?”. If after 3 or 4 months and a guy doesn’t want a relationship, get a hint. He doesn’t like you.

The fifth thing is bluffing that you’re gonna stand up for yourself. Don’t talk just to talk. People will notice that you’re a bluffer. When you bluff that you want to stand up for yourself, it makes you look desperate. It doesn’t look good.

The sixth thing is talking too much on dates with too many facial expressions. This thing either communicate you’re a psycho or that you’re desperate.

The seventh thing is talking about future dates with a guy. Don’t say you’re gonna see him after the first date because it’s making you look desperate.