Today we’re gonna be talking about the 7 Psychological flaws humans have. They are flaws in a way that affects us to some degree.

  1. Backward rationalization is when you’re looking for a reason to hang out with a guy. This will make you a confirmation bias because the attraction you feel towards him wasn’t lining up with the thoughts and the evidence so as a result, your brain will exaggerate one act just to fit in with the model.
  2. How does time speed up this means the older you get the shorter that time you have. And you know the beauty of this is as you get older you’re gonna achieve goals quickly.
  3. Osmosis, we have a base level of osmosis for a thing where we don’t go any further. This is based on your ambition and what you see yourself achieving and once you reach that you don’t go any further. This is not because you can’t but you are not hungry enough because if you have higher ambition you have more power from your brain. That’s why you have to set your goals higher because if you become complacent time will pass you by without you even noticing it.
  4. We trust appearances not because we’re ignorant or stupid but just because we cannot question everything. That is why humans are easily deceived. So in life, you can’t really trust appearances.
  5. Object permanence is where we believe everything stays the same. Everything is not gonna last forever and reality is objective. You have to realize that nothing will last forever and you can easily lose everything you have.
  6. Irrational fears like fear of death or failure of committing a mistake which doesn’t apply in our world right now. These fears make you sabotage yourself thinking you cannot do it or you cannot take it because you are afraid of it.
  7. Our love of pain comes from a love of pleasure. Humans think we want to be happy but in reality we want pain. Why? Because in order to feel the pleasure you have to feel pain. So we are willing to pain to experience pleasure and we’re not even aware that pleasure comes with it.

We have those things and as humans, we are flawed psychologically and our brain is not here to make us happy but to help us survive. We should be thankful we have things to help us counteract the natural balance of the brain. It takes an of self-control to tame the brain.