7 Lies Men Commonly Tell Women (DON’T FALL FOR THEM!)

The seven lies that men tell to women.

1. First one is “I’m not ready to be in a relationship.”. Now let me tell you something, there’s no rational reason for a person not to be in a relationship. So when a guy says he’s not ready well that means he’s not ready for you. Everytime says this you better leave.

2. Second one is “I can’t hangout because I’m tired/ sick/ or whatever reason”. If he consistently has a reason not to hangout with you it is because he is losing interest or you’re not his first option. 

3. Next one is “I’m a bad texter.” Whenever a guy says this to you, don’t ever believe it.

4. Hiding female friends. Study shows that 53% of people who had affairs have reported doing it with a close person or a friend.

5. “I love you.” when a guy says I love you and it doesn’t match his actions that means he doesn’t really love you. Focus on the actions more than the words.

6. Guys lie about their debt and income. When a guy lies about his debt then he’s a liar from the start. 

7. Last one is a guy who lies about his age and height. If a guy lies about these things it’s a sign of a huge insecurity. 

The most important thing you should focus on is when a guy lies about being not ready in a relationship, being busy, hiding female friends, saying I love you, and lying about his debt and income.