7 Masculine Signals Women Are EVOLUTIONARILY PROGRAMMED To Respond To

We’re going to talk about the 7 masculine signals that women are programmed to respond to. We are going to talk about the behavior aspect, not the physical aspect. I can promise that if you actually do what I say, you’re not going to notice differences instantly, but over the years you’re just gonna notice that women are naturally more attracted to you and gay men as well.

The first one is this, an economy of motions and words. They don’t have to speak too much, and they don’t have to move too much. Everything about them is slower, even the way they talk, even when they take a pause between words, everything is a little bit slower.

The second one is low tolerance. This means you don’t tolerate lateness, you don’t tolerate a woman who’s not showing you interest, you don’t tolerate attention. Just lowering your tolerance for b*ll$h!t.

The third one is you have low non-verbals. This means if she makes you smile, rather than smiling, you’re like you chilled. You’re smiling on the inside because it’ll radiate in your character. If you feel happy, hold it in.

The fourth one is you don’t initiate contact (physical). When you’re with your woman, you’re chilled out, and she’s the one that has to come to you. Most guys initiate physical contact. Let her be the one that caresses you not the opposite around.

The fifth one is you’re unavailable. This means if you’re not busy, you have to create the illusion of busyness. You cannot be free all the time. That’s not gonna hurt you. That’s just gonna make a woman respect your time more.

The sixth one is leading men. When a woman sees a man leading other men, they see it as a man who has power. as a man who other men respect. A leader of men gets women’s attention.

The last one is seriousness. Just being a little more serious, be good at something. Find that circle that you like, find out what they value the most, and get good at it. Or better yet, find out what you like get good at it, and then join a group that values what you have.