7 Mistakes Women Make Women On The First Date (CLASSIC)

Today we’re going to talk about seven things that women do on dates that you shouldn’t be doing.

  1. Revealing your intentions too early – It’s not that you’re not setting your standard, you’re taking away the mystery. It’s a lot better to let them find out subtly than to let them find out directly.
  2. Outcome dependence – when you’re focused on the outcome, you’re not enjoying the process.
  3. Fear of judgement – when you are afraid of how you’re going to come across, that comes from how you were raised, the standards of how you were abide by and as a result, you walk on eggshells.
  4. Gender roles – when you abide by those rules and nothing outside of that, that’s the issue.
  5. Arguing – Never argue on a date.
  6. Lateness – The lack of consideration when you’re on a date. Don’t act like nothing happened when you are late on a date.
  7. Inaccurate description of how you look – If you met online, better give the most accurate description because it’s going to get awkward real quick.