7 Signs She’s Getting Emotionally Attached To You

Let’s talk about the 7 signs that she’s getting emotionally attached to you. Sometimes women get emotionally attached instantly like the first week or even the first date–watch out for those women, they’re not as good as they seem to be. Some of them could be potentially toxic so you got to be careful with those women.

Alright. So here are the seven signs.

The first one is that she gets reactive whenever you pull away. When you stop texting her as much as you used to, she gets reactive. When you cancel a date, she gets upset but not upset in terms of her pulling away but upset by her verbally complaining to you through text or in person. If you’re with a woman and you pull away and she doesn’t give a fuck, she is not attached to you but after a few weeks or maybe 2 or 3 months and you pull away, what you should see is that she’s making up the difference.

The next one is that she offers herself to cook for you, makes you a gift or whatever the hell it is, she does things for you. When a woman likes you, she’ll give you things.

The third one is a little creepy but is actually real: when you’re not looking at her, you’ll notice her looking at you. When you’re sleeping, sometimes you wake up and she’s looking at you like a creep. Those type of things, as funny as it is and as creepy as that might be, women who like you cannot stop looking at you.

The fourth one is that she’s introducing you to her friends and family. Once she introduces you to her friends, she’s getting attached to you and she’s bringing you into her life.

The fifth sign that she’s becoming more emotionally attached to you is that she initiates contact more often. The way it works is that you should initiate contact in the beginning or at least try to initiate contact but what should happen after a while is that you should notice her initiating contact more often. What you should do is to slowly stop initiating contact. Now, if she’s not initiating any contact and you’re doing all the initiation then that means that she’s not as emotionally attached as she should be.

The next one is that when you pull away, she comes towards you. When you stop initiating contact, you’ll notice she’s upset or you’ll notice that she’s putting more effort. If you try this when she’s not attached to you, you’ll notice that it won’t work because people have pride but when you fall in love, people lose their pride. You pull away and she has such an attachment to you that she’ll break her own rules.

The seventh one is that she’s more feminine around you. As long as you remain masculine, she’s gonna be more feminine around you, more submissive to you and she’ll follow through.

And the bonus one is that she deals with your bullshit. Honest to God, I don’t recommend doing this but she’ll deal with your bullshit and if you treat her like shit, she’ll forgive you. It depends on the emotional attachment but if you call her a bitch, she’ll be mad at you but she’ll forgive you. If you cheat on her, she’ll forgive you. All of that kind of stuff, when a woman is getting emotionally attached to you, she’ll deal with your bullshit. She’ll find a way to justify your actions but when she’s not attached to you, you don’t have a lot of leeway to fuck up.

When a woman is getting attached to you, she’ll deal with your mistakes and she’ll find a way to justify your flaws. I don’t recommend this but when a woman’s in love with you, a lot of them will take emotional abuse. I don’t recommend this, this is just an observation but women will take the abuse. A few women will.

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