Today, we’re going to be talking about seven signs that you’re compatible with a man and these are what you want to look out for. This is not about having chemistry but this is about being compatible.

Understand that chemistry does not equal compatibility. Just because you feel chemistry with the guy doesn’t mean you’re compatible. Chemistry will be the number one thing that will fool you into thinking you’re compatible with him. Compatibility is more of a rational thing. You are looking out rationally beyond your emotions for things that make you guys compatible. Remember that compatibility and making a decision based on compatibility, not chemistry, is the height of human wisdom and it shows you are a rational person but if you are an emotional person then you have to start working on those emotions because you’re going to make the wrong decisions with your partners.

Above all, I don’t care how compatible you are, the one thing that will destroy everything is if he cheats. The next thing you guys need to understand is the first level of compatibility is your age. Second thing is what do you guys want in life right now at this moment. You have to make sure that he is looking for what you’re looking for. You got to find out what he is looking for and don’t tell them what you’re looking for because he might lie to you and tell you what you want to hear.Third thing is mutual respect. If you do not have mutual respect for each other then you guys are not compatible. The fourth thing, emotional compatibility. Is your emotional needs suits his emotional needs or vice versa. The next thing is cultural compatibility. It’s better to find somebody who either has the same cultural beliefs or has flexibility in terms of culture. The sixth thing is financial compatibility and lastly, level of neediness.