Today we’re going to talk about the things guys do to gain leverage on women. 

  1. Look for women who come across as weak.- They first look for a specific type of woman. A woman who is a nice person, who are bored, young and naive or women who need something and they’ll promise that they’ll fulfill those needs.
  1. Maybes – 50% is the optimal reward rate. The reason why this works is because dopamine rises in anticipation. This anticipation will make you malleable. When you are waiting for your reward, you actually become more easily controlled.
  1. Competition – What they’ll do is they won’t delete their photos of their ex in their instagram or talk about her or maybe even a female friend. If you ever feel like you are in this situation, you’re gonna have to cut that out instantly and if he talks about it again, get out and leave.
  1. Willingness to walk away – you can sense that if you break up with him, he’s actually never coming back. The more afraid you are of losing him is most likely, a reaction to his coldness. It permeates your attitude when you’re actually willing to walk away.
  1. Intimidation – they intimidate you through their coldness. They pretty much learn how to have an intimidating aura. They control their non verbals. Anytime a guy makes you feel uncertain about you, you cannot react to those emotions. You don’t find out, you leave.
  1. They act like they’re the victim – they act that they’re weak. They act like they got hurt. It’s a good way to gain leverage.
  1. They don’t tell you what they want. – they pretty much tell you what you want to hear. That’s why you have to keep your cards to yourself. Don’t tell people what you want.