7 Things Not to Say To a Guy You Like


  1. When to hang out next
    I know you like him and you don’t want to be abandoned, but don’t ask him how the date went and how he thinks of you, the reason why is it can turn him off.
  2. Your feelings
    He’s not your family member nor does he owe you anything so you don’t have to tell him how you feel. Do not tell anybody how you feel about them. Keep your feelings a mystery so he can keep thinking of you. The reason is if he knows how much you love him, he’ll start not putting effort or worse, get turned off. If he asks you how you feel about him, don’t get too extreme. Just keep it in the low and don’t be the first one to open up.
  3. Positive things about his reputation
    Don’t raise his ego, it’s not going to do you any good. Even if you know a lot about him, don’t tell him. It’ll look like you’re doing research about him and that’s creepy.
  4. Yes, to hang out today or tomorrow (never be so available)
    Don’t expose yourself too much. Always say no to hanging out tomorrow or today. Don’t show him how much you really like him by always saying yes to hanging out at any time. Don’t give him the feeling that he can have you any second because as much as he likes you if you give him that impression, he will lose a little respect for you. Don’t always be available.
  5. Your true plans (keep it vague)
    Don’t tell him what you’re really looking for because he will tell you what you want to hear. Say that you want to see what’s out there. Don’t show what’s inside.
  6. What you’re really up to
    Don’t tell him what you’re up to. If he’s asking you what you’re doing and you’re doing nothing, don’t tell him that. You have to be elusive. Say you’re working or hanging out with friends so he’ll think you’re difficult to reach and not always available. This is what you are when you don’t like a guy, and this is why guys you don’t like, like you.
  7. Compliment
    If you’re going to compliment him, compliment the work itself. Keep him wanting compliments. Don’t compliment him because it raises his ego and there’s a feeling of it of looking down. Compliment your family members, compliment me, but don’t compliment guys you like.