7 Things That Makes Women Look Like A DESPERATE Pick Me

You have to be aware and avoid being a “pick me” chick. When you come strong and you express that you want them so much it pushes people away.

So the first one is to understand that too much reaction to a guy may come across as pick me. When you’re too intense, you share and talk too much and if you’re not controlling how you’re coming across you might scare him away. Calm down with your intensity stop responding too fast even with your words slow down a little bit. When you’re able to tone down you’re expression and you put consciousness with it you will decrease being too reactive with a guy.

The second one is communicating to you a guy that he’s your type. When you told a guy that he’s your type you pretty much say that you like them. Then they will take this as your weakness and they will use that against you. Hiding this will make a guy guess if you will like them back and you want them to keep guessing. So learn to keep it to yourself.

The third thing is communicating that you’re not seeing anybody. This removes the competition and lowers your value.

The fourth thing is wanting intimacy too fast like asking them on vacation or saying this that shows you want intimacy. You wanna be the one who wanna slow things down. This will actually give you more power.

The fifth one is wanting to introduce him to your close friends and family. This speaks like you wanna make the relationship fast when you should be the one hesitant to introduce him to your family. Doing this makes you look needy.

The sixth one is qualifying yourself by telling him the good things about yourself too. There’s nothing wrong with communicating your positive trait but you want this to happen over time and not forcefully trying to tell him all about this. You have to be patient and allow things to unfold themselves as time pass.

Seventh and the last thing is texting and pursuing him too much after the date. You have to let him be the one to chase you. Because if you’re doing this you are losing all the power you could potentially have so let him do all the work. Chasing him will make you look needy and you gonna scare the guy out.