8 Traits Women Are Programmed To Find Irresistible in Men

The things I will say are not based on what I believe it is about what I read in different articles and from my own observation.

First one is that girls find angry faces more attractive and the reason why is when they are with him. Other people will find it intimidating. 

Second is non emotional faces cause it frustrates them in other words it makes them chase.

Third is an intimidating presence. Looking strong and muscular because that fear actually turns her on.

Fourth one is men submitting to you this means safety for her children. 

Fifth is a deeper relaxed voice. This is a sign of masculinity because talking in a more relaxed manner shows that you are somebody who has a lot of strength.

Sixth one is subtle looks because this spikes their emotion. 

Seventh is the rule breakers. Because women follow rules so often that when they see a guy who is a rule breaker they become attracted to them unconsciously because they wish they are as rebellious as them.

Eight one is a little bit of childishness. You wanna be able to contrast your complete masculinity with a little bit of childishness. 

These are the eight things women find attractive. You can search for it yourself although some of them are my assumption. I hope you apply it to your life and I hope this also works for you.