9 Signs a Woman Is FAKING Interest

When women show you FAKE interest, a lot of guys who are new to women get confused when they see this, and assumed that they like you out of pity. A lot of women who do this particularly they’re just passive-aggressive and they don’t know how to say no to you, it’s human nature.

These are the 9 signs that a woman is faking interest. If you see this, pull away, if you see this stop pursuing.

The first one is extra words and excitement. When you’re noticing that a woman is texting a lot of excitement, she sounds super happy, you have to understand that most women will never do that if they want to see you. It is similar when you’re looking for an apartment, when you know you’re not gonna take the apartment, you tend to say wow, that’s a good place. I’ll let you know, you tend to say that to make them feel good. But deep down, you wanna say, I don’t want this apartment but I don’t want to disappoint them so let me sound like I’m excited so I don’t feel bad and can leave.

So anytime you see that kind of excitement, calm down and expect her to be a flake because if she does flake and she did that, she was just doing that to not make you feel bad. If you see a woman acting super interested, pull back and be skeptical.

The second one, canceling last minute. If she cancels last minute, it means that she was stressing about the date, because you stressed her out. If you’re always getting that and cancels on you without giving another date to meet up, don’t respond to her, she just doesn’t like you.

The third one, lateness. And I’m talking about 20-30 minutes late, if that woman is that late, that means that bitch is not excited to see you, it’s that simple. If a woman wants to see you, she won’t want to time travel to the time of the day. Never wait for more than 30 minutes for a woman.

The fourth one, she wants to be friends. Never let a woman down demote you. If she wants to be friends say, okay, and tell her to find somebody else who’s not a friend. Find somebody else because she’s not your friend.

The fifth one, makes you meet her halfway. This is very true, anytime a woman didn’t like me she always wanted to meet halfway. Every time a woman wants to meet halfway with me, I’m telling you 90% of the time, that woman doesn’t like me. There are some times when you guys are so far away and you have to put some context into this. But if she asks you where do you want to meet, and you give her a place, and she says no let’s meet halfway, my dude, she doesn’t like you. Comfort is not based on how creepy you look, it’s based on how much she likes you.

On the sixth, she brings a friend. If she brings a friend, tell her, let’s do it another time when we’ll be able to talk alone. Any time I met a girl’s friends without having sex, it never worked out.

The seventh one, tells you how she’s all of a sudden celibate. She’s just trying to tell you you’re ain’t fxck!ng here. The most annoying woman I meet is when all of a sudden she says yeah, like any other time I would have banged you but now I’m on a different journey.

The eighth one, she only does dinner dates. Never dinner at your place by the way. If she wants a dinner date, says how about we cook at my place? It doesn’t want that, she just wants you to spend money on her. Or she doesn’t want you to meet at the bar. That woman should have been a gold digger and she just wants a good dinner. She’s just hungry.

The last one, when a woman flirts with you, but when it comes to a date, she’s always busy to meet up. Several reasons not to able to meet up. If a woman shows interest and you ask her out and all of a sudden she gets busy, she never has time. The proof is gonna put it, is she willing to go out with you or not?

Everything that comes from a woman’s mouth that doesn’t lead you to go out with her is b*ll$h!t. And it’s better off for you not to believe that.