This isn’t for everybody but if you actually do what I’m about to say, you’ll find yourself in the 90 percentile of guys who get women no matter what you or where you are in life. If you just could get this kind of game, you’ll get more women.

This is the original method of seduction that I was taught before and we call it “Entourage game”. The most powerful way that people become attracted to each other is simply through pre-selection. Pre-selection consistently always bring more women into your life. Pre-selection doesn’t always have to mean that you really got women sucking your d***, it’s the illusion that you have women in your life. It’s the illusion that you’re wanted by somebody else. Women are dumb like that–if you look like you get women, they’ll at least give you a try. We’re not talking about how to keep women, we’re talking about how to get more women.

1. Find something that you love. Start a group based on the things that you enjoy.

2. Create events for it once or twice a month

3. Do it consistently.

I’m telling you guys, this is the ultimate way to get women but 95% of you are not gonna do this because 95% of you guys are not this kind of person and that’s okay but this is the reality and this is the best way to get women in your life.