Therapist + Mindfulness teacher + Drug Counselor + Dating Coach = Alex


This is My Story

It’s a shame to say that I’ve been in pickup since 2008 and to be perfectly honest with you I was not getting the results I wanted out of pickup. It was embarrassing, and quite frankly, a story that’s very common. I couldn’t get laid off of day game or night game to save my life. No matter how hard I tried, or what material I implemented; nothing worked.

Between that period of time I was working as a therapist, and before that graduated from Tempe University as a Psychology major. I thought that my ultimate destiny was to find a 9-5 and settle down. I concluded that game was a lie, a scam. But deep down I knew that there was other people getting the results I wanted, and I was not going to watch my life pass me by and not enjoy the pleasure of meeting and attracting women.

With my experience as a counselor that helped people modify their behavior ranging from drug addiction, anger issues, and even mending broken homes, I decided to implement what I was using in therapy, the pickup material that I was learning, and my new found interest, meditation, into pickup.

When I began doing that, May of 2015, that’s when my results began to SKYROCKET. I went from 0 lays in 7 years to over 20 in over a 4 month period. It might have not been much relative to what other guys deep in the game have done, but for someone who’s been in the game for 7 years, and showing persistence to never give up; it’s a true reflection of what the human spirit can actually accomplish.

In that four month period, I can attest to you that it was the toughest and most fun section of my life. As I watched my reality literally shatter itself into pieces it made me realize how powerful some of the techniques I initially used in therapy, but now implementing it to game.

So through reading this blog you’ll get a different perspective as to what it is to be attractive. A bit esoteric mixed in with self help and some psychological and neurological principles, but the results speak for themselves.


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