Behavior That Catches A High Value Man’s Attention

Today, we’re gonna talk about behaviors that turn men on, behavior that catches a man’s attention. This is going to be a reaction video to one I did a few years ago, watch it and I’m gonna give you guys my take to see how my points of views have changed over time.

99% of men get turned on when you act like this. It is all about how you stand out from other women. It’s a very simple concept in all honesty. When you like someone, naturally you
have a certain way of behaving. It is the same as when you don’t like someone there’s also generally a certain way that people behave. Naturally though, when women like someone
they project a different person to make the guy think that they are unique. They repress their naturalness by not showing their real selves BUT what girls don’t realize is that when they do this they lose their “uniqueness” that made the guy drawn and hooked on them. Women end up acting like every other girl which leads the guy to think “here’s goes another one” which drives them away. Women think that she is being her true authentic self when in fact she is overridden by her emotions. To be yourself you gotta control your emotions so that you can remain like a normal individual. When you suppress your real self, you literally reduce what you communicate.