Behavior That Emotionally Turns Men Off

Here are 5 mistakes women make that shut men down emotionally. My philosophy on teaching attraction is it’s better to learn how to be yourself than to enhance yourself and it’s better how to learn to avoid mistakes to lose a guy as opposed to learning to do things how to make guys like you.

The first mistake is saying that you’re not talking to other guys. A lot of women talk to more than one guy but they’ll hide it out of fear of looking like a slut. Little do you know that if you act innocent, and say that you’re talking to other guys, it’ll help make him chase you more than it’ll hurt. Guys are competitive, so inserting some competition makes them work harder for your attention. A lot of women make it too easy for guys and deprive them of the chance to woo you. If you are talking to other guys, don’t hide the fact, make it known. If you aren’t, then don’t bring it up.

The second one is having high expectations from the guy too early. Thinking he should text you fast, and that he should see you and stay. He will feel angry before the meeting. Those are signs of imposing your relationship standards on him. You assume you guys are already together so you demand too much from him early on. That pushes men away. They want to know that they can not talk to you for a few days without feeling the pressure or fear of having to deal with you because you’re going to get angry. Keep the expectations low in the beginning and you’ll avoid making that mistake.

The third mistake is spending too much time too early. I know it feels good to spend a lot of time in the beginning but if you set a limit, even though feelings are intense, it’ll leave him wanting more. It’ll make him think of you more, and want you when you’re not around. It’s cruel but effective

The fourth one is expressing your emotions: don’t let him know your emotions let him interpret it. Give him a puzzle by making your emotions verbally hidden. Act it out, but don’t say them. Also, include some contradictions. Be warm one day and cold the next. It’ll throw him off and make him chase more.

The fifth one wants to change him. Don’t make him into a pet project, guys can smell that a mile away. It comes across as too needy and it’s very annoying. Let the guy be as he is. If you want to change him all you have to do is reward the behavior that you want and ignore the negative ones.

It’s better to prevent a disease than heal it. Work on avoiding these mistakes then master the fundamentals of making a guy attracted.