Do you notice how a lot of guys get interested in you but then get turned off despite you being an attractive woman? So I will tell you about these traits and how you can avoid them.

One thing that turns a man off is having your own agenda. Where you don’t see men as who they are but see them if they can fit your agenda. It’s like you already have preconceived intentions nothing wrong with but you shouldn’t be revealing them too soon. Having your own agenda causes you prematurely to show interest in the guy and that will dictate how you behave with the guy. Because then the guy is gonna sense that you really want to commit and that’s unattractive to a guy.

So if you have your own agenda you want to be indirect and subtle about it. You got to be uncertain about them because it challenges the guy.

The second thing is being overly jealous. There’s nothing wrong with having light jealousy because it’s healthy in a relationship the problem is when you have so much jealousy that you don’t trust your man talking to any other woman. Being overly jealous is something that a guy feels and it’s something that you cannot hide so rather than acting on your jealousy you may want to observe the physical sensations of your jealousy. That allows your body to process it.

The third thing a guy might be interested in you but being too controlling makes any guy think you’re crazy. It doesn’t matter how good-looking you are but if you show these signs the guys gonna be turned off immediately because nobody likes to be controlled. That will make the guy feel trapped and he’s gonna find a way to relieve that by cheating or breaking up with you. So stop trying to control men because they are not a project.

Doing all of these screams insecurity. So if you have agenda ease it and don’t bring it up too early in the relationship. If you’re overly jealous you have to be aware of the physical sensations rather than of mental projections. And lastly, don’t forcefully control the guy if you want to change him be indirect. Do it first and set a good example. Because when guys feel they are being manipulated they’re gonna resent you and they will try to gain control one way or another.