Biological Signs Men Can’t Control That Says He’s Into You!

The term “Actions speak louder than words” applies the most to dating because words are something humans focus and put more emphasis on and believe more and actions is things that people ignore and forget based on how they feel. In this video, we’re going to talk about what are those behaviors that men have and biological responses that you can observe with your own eyes, and some a factual that I find interesting that will tell you whether or not the guy you are seeing likes you.

The principle of anthesis certain states of mind lead to certain habitual actions which are of service under our first principle like signs that somebody likes you. Now when a  directly opposite state of mind is induced like when somebody doesn’t like you there is a strong involuntary tendency to the performance of movements of the directly opposite though these are no use and such movements are in some cases highly expressive. Like when somebody likes you they text you a lot when somebody doesn’t like you they don’t text you that much. When somebody likes you they wanna be close to you and when somebody doesn’t like you they like to be away from you. The opposite emotion elicits the opposite behavior and body language. So let’s talk about what those are.

The first one is the sound of a woman moaning. Depending on how much the guy likes you is how much he gonna like the sound of you moaning. 

The second one, this interesting because women do this when they like the guy. This is when after sex women will wrap their legs around the guy so he calls feel it in his leg. If a guy finds you attractive he’s gonna like it when you do that but if not the guy will get away.

The third one is when the eye is focused on you. When he literally looks at you. This is called the reticular activating system and it’s a part of your brain that focuses on what it deems to be valuable. 

Fourth is his body and face are more relaxed and pointing towards you. 

The fifth one is when his eyes are dilated this usually means sexual attraction for the most part. So if you see someone you like your eyes dilate as if they’re trying to see as much of that person as possible.

The sixth one is the chemical reactions and symptoms. Loss of appetite when you’re around that person, you’re more relaxed, you’re less irritable, time flies faster, and also your attention is more intense. But also you have withdrawal symptoms when you’re away with them. So if somebody like you and you leave them for a certain amount of time depending on how much they like you it depends on how much they withdraw from you.

Other signs are biological signs that somebody likes you. Their lips part, raise eyebrows, your nostrils are flared, you touch your face often when you speak to the person, women play with their hair, men will smooth out their hair or ruffle it, you tilt your head off when you’re listening to that person, you laugh and giggle frequently at that person or what that person said. Your body send you a subconscious thoughts that you need to appear your best when you’re with that person.

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