Biological Signs Women Can’t Control That Says She’s Into You!

Let’s talk about the biological signs that a woman likes you. Now we can talk about the verbal signs that woman likes you like the way she speaks to you or the way she asks you questions, but humans were alive and thriving before we develop language. Most of the time most of our wiring come through non-verbal communication. And those are the ones that actually betray us, especially our micro-expressions, and most of the time you are not aware of them.

The basis of this video will be Charles Darwin’s book called the expression of emotions in an animal. It doesn’t talk about attraction and the way that humans communicate in terms of love but it has some fundamental principles that I think I need to lay the foundation for.

The principle of associated habits tells us that when you like somebody there are some behaviors that come along with it. 

Now let’s talk about the principle of anthesis to find out if somebody doesn’t like you by looking at the opposite behavior. This principle states that certain emotional states produce a certain behavior but the opposite of that emotional state produces the opposite behavior. 

Other body language signs that a person cannot control. First is playing with their hair which shows grooming. This means that they want to look nice to you. Facing you on a date. Laughing at your jokes even if you’re not that even funny. She is just responding to your value that’s why she finds you funny. Lightly touching you.

Another sign is proximity where she sits close to you. There is an average distance between how people sit close to us on a date where it’s polite and not too rude. But if a person really likes you when she sits really close to you.

Next is behavior, notice how she behaves to other people compared to you. 

The tilting of the neck indicates that she’s relaxed.

The big one is eye contact. If you’re in a social setting you notice that she’ll look at you once and you guys keep making eye contact with each other unnecessarily. Even if you guys are not talking to each other or addressing each other. It’s a sign both of you guys is attracted to each other.