The Power of Enemies (and Why They're As Important As Having Friends)

Today, we'll be talking about the power of enemies. A lot of people hate having enemies because it doesn't feel good but little did they know that having enemies is one of the powerful things you got to have. When you don't have enemies, you stagnate, there's no creativity and there's no success. Enemies motivate you towards something.

Why do people have enemies? It's because of fear. Fear inflicts pain. Now, we need to identify our enemies and realize it's not there.

People don't understand that enemies are as important as friends. Enemies bring and keep people together. It promotes innovation.

Let's expand the concept of enemies:

  • People who want to kill you

  • People who are in competition with you

  • Your emotions

  • Your mind

  • Family imposing their will

  • Distraction

  • Your sense of self

The reasons why enemies are beneficial is because:

  • Enemies show you where to go

  • Enemies are honest and show your real side (no filters)

  • Enemies motivate you and cause you to stay on your toes

  • Enemies bring nations closer together

  • Enemies bring enemies closer together

  • Enemies bring out innovation

When you feel a threat, you'll be more alert. Enemies make you stronger and wiser. The more enemies you have, the more important you are.

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