6 Phrases You Should NEVER Tell a Woman Or She'll Lose Interest

Say these 6 phrases to a woman and I could promise you, you're going to lose her. The first thing we need to talk about is not about your words. It's your face and how you talk. you need to stop smiling at these women and talk happy or try to build rapport.

When you talk to a woman by sounding too happy or too excited, you turn her off unconsciously. The solution is simple, calm down a little more and be a little bit more serious. You have to be a little seriousness because it emanates authority and be more relaxed. It raises your value.

The second one is asking for an explanation about sex. Don't ever ask a woman why she doesn't do something with you. It's not a good idea. Be quiet, pull away and spend less time with her.

The next one is saying or telling her how much you love her. Let her be the one that says it. Even if she does love you, the fact that you're the one that's going about it first, it automatically puts her in a position of power.

Another thing is asking her on a date. Don't ask her on a date while on a date, it shows insecurity. We all do this by mistake.

The next one is complimenting her in general. Compliment what's surrounding her, but never directly complimenting her. Never do it willfully.

To me, the most important one is the first one. It's not even a phrase, it's your vibe. You got to calm down and let her be the one to bring out something about the relationship.

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