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If you are really looking to become more attractive to the opposite sex than you found the right guy. I have no doubt in my mind that my tactics for seduction are the best in the world. No doubt. But a warning!! I highly recommend using the tactics I have in my videos before getting coached by me. You learn more and you grow more. But if you are still keen on working with me, then I won’t stop you.


Email Coaching

If you have a question that’s 300 words or less and want me to answer it, then scroll down below and get it answered via voice message within the next 3 business days (excluding weekends).

Personal Coaching

Want to get my personal advice through Skype/phone? Then you can hire me 1:1 for $200 for 30 minutes at a time.

Coach in a Pocket

My 1:1 sessions are $200 per 30 minutes. My sessions are via skype, or phone calls. I also offer other kinds of services to meet your needs. All you have to do is pick and message me about the program you're interested in. I only will take 2 Gold 1:1 clients per month because I like to keep my clientele low. So it's first come first serve.

The reason why I use Whatsapp is because you not only can ask me any question you want, but I can also respond to you in the form of an audio where you can save it and listen to it some other time.


Contact me 2 times a week for 4 weeks
  • One initial 30 minute session
  • Get unlimited access to me once twice week via WhatsApp/Email/text message.
  • Receive a custom built strategy to help you make your intended target fall in love with you


4 weeks once a week
  • One initial 30minute sessiom 
  • Get unlimited access to me once a week
  • Receive a custom built strategy to help you make your intended target fall in love with you

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If you like to pay with credit card or Venmo and other payment methods, just Click Here and email me directly.

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