Do Not Love Men Who Are Half-Way Lovers

This video is my advice to those who feel that their man is just a half-way lover.

A lot of people ask me why do you make the videos that you make? I also wonder about that sometimes and it comes down to a simple thing – it’s because I suffered a lot in life, and I don’t want people to go through the same shit that I’ve been through. A lot of people would just give you half love, half attention, half care, half consideration. When I was young, I settled, I took it because that’s what I thought like, that’s all I could get, and what I’ve learned is to never tolerate half lovers, never tolerate people who love you halfway ,who could only give you half of their heart, half of their time, half of their intimacy, half of their consideration. Because of this deep yearning for love and understanding, we’re so hungry because it’s such a part of our nature that we accept half lovers, and we begin to misinterpret half-lovers as real love when in reality it’s just a fake type of love. It’s the type of love that you get at a bargain, its empty calories type of love. Men will give you half of what you want and you settle and even when deep down you know you’re getting played, deep down you do want to stand up for yourself but part of you doesn’t want to because that’s all you could get. You think that if you say no to this you won’t get anymore.

And so, what I’m here to tell you is that you are stronger than you think you are. There’s nothing wrong with being alone when you can’t find the right one, it sucks I get it but, the alternative of being with somebody who loves you halfway really does not compare. It’s a worse alternative, it’s a type of relationship that eats you up inside when somebody doesn’t love you completely and you accept it. When you secretly resent this person at the same time but love them out of desperation. This eats you away, it will slowly corrode you from within like a virus, like a parasite that eats and that feeds from you. I’m just here to tell you to look within yourself and realize that what’s inside of you it’s all you ever need.