Do This If He Goes Radio Silent

So today I will be answering questions from some of my very loyal Patreon supporters and also from one of my paying customers in one of the classes I have. One of them I played live on this video. This lady said she had an awesome first date with this guy, paid for everything and expressed wanting to do a bunch of things in the future, his body language mirrored hers, they got a lot in common, she felt that they really hit it off and even kissed at the end of their date. 

Now this same guy has not texted her for 2 days in a row after their first date. She is wondering if she got “ghosted” already or he might have just gotten caught up with something that caused him not to reply. 

There can really be a lot of reasons why this guy has not texted her back but at the end of the day, it all boils down to…