Do This If He’s Not Chasing You Back

Ladies, this video will tell you what to do when a guy is not chasing you back.

Some people will only have you in their life as long as they can disrespect you. When a guy is not chasing you back it’s either what they’re trying to say is “you’re my bitch” or “you’re nothing”. Some people will only have you in their lives under those circumstances. So, when a guy is not chasing you back – just do less. Don’t do more when he is doing less, that is not the solution. I always say this, it’s really simple with men, “less is more”. So when a guy is not putting in the effort, it doesn’t mean that my tactics don’t work. it’s just that, that’s how things really are. I noticed that a lot of you ladies struggle with accepting that because it hurts your ego but that is how you grow. I want you to be able to strategize getting a guy but if he is not reacting to you then you should be able to move on, that’s just how it is. if he doesn’t chase you then just keep moving. I posted yesterday in Patreon about the laws of human nature which is seeing through people’s masks. The more you chase a guy, the more he doesn’t want you. You only end up screwing your psychology for future relationships, you will only end up screwing yourself up where you’re not gonna know what it is to have a good relationship or a bad relationship because you’re used to chasing people, that will only develop a lot of self-hate, a lot of shame – it’s just not worth it, period. So, if he doesn’t like you,  just accept it and move on.