Do This To Instantly Get NOTICED By Women Everywhere You Go

Let’s talk about nine things that you guys can do to stand out from other men.

The first one is to move to another country where you’re different. It is the most instantaneous way to stand out from other men. It could be an accent or it could be a physical type of trait.

Second thing is to dress fashionably. One of the laws of power said if “You wanna be treated like a king, dress like a king”. Dressing fashionably makes you stand out it is that plain and simple. How attractive you are doesn’t go down if you dress fashionably.

The third one is to get in physical shape. If you are in decent shape, you will stand out. Because most dudes don’t have the discipline to get in shape.

The fourth one is to go where your skills are scarce. That is instantly how to become a high-value person. 

The fifth thing is to take a leadership role at your job or school. Take up a leadership position wherever you can. If you lead people, you will stand out.

The sixth one is to show competence with seriousness doesn’t just be good at something be serious about it. Because the seriousness makes you stand out. Women respect seriousness than goofiness.

The next one is don’t be a clown. Let others joke around and just laugh at them. Don’t talk too much.

Number eight embrace your feminine and masculine side. Women find men who embrace their femininity attractive.

The last one is to be the only man in your job or field or have a highly lucrative job. This creates a pre-selection and this is what happens. Two phenomena with two different effects. One is surrounded by women and the other one is women surrounding you with indications of interest.

Anyways this is how you gonna stand out with men anywhere you go. I gave you the whole way to do it. Apply to your life, this takes time, this takes planning, you have to commit yourself to do it and over time this will happen.