Do this When a Guy Stops Loving You

This is the common question I got asked often, and it’s the one where unfortunately it’s not a good ending. And the reason why that is is that a lot of times, you were missing the signs that a guy stopped loving you.

The first thing is when a guy stops loving you don’t be going after another dude. Because what’s going to happen is that you’re going to run into dudes who see you that you’re in need. For the unfortunate people, when you love somebody, and you kind of fear losing them, feel that desire to be with them almost like a drug when you try to recreate it in a manufactured way rather than letting it come to you, you’re gonna come across as a needy person. And it’s gonna make the situation even worse.

The second thing is to tell him how you feel. If you feel sad, let him that win. Tell him how it makes you feel sad, tell him what you need to tell them. It doesn’t matter if you offend them, make sure you get everything out of your chest.

The third thing is after you tell him off, give him space and leave. That means, delete him from your phone now. Make them pay the price for the pain that they put you through, do it. But understand that he will leave, the whole make it up to me will keep him a little longer, but he’s gonna leave again.

Guys will come back, women won’t.