You ladies take back guys without making them pay a consequence so I and you are gonna have a little talk. Look, it’s okay to take back an ex (not all the time) but first of all, never take a guy back who cheats on you because people never do things just once. Now, if a guy didn’t cheat on you and you guys just had some arguments and you take him back without doing what I’m about to tell you, he’s gonna come back and do the same sht that got you guys to break up.

First of all, you never go back to a guy who breaks up with you. If a guy comes back to you and he wants you to take him back, he has to pass your test–he can’t just come back. You can’t just take him back. You gotta say:

“I don’t like what you did, are you willing to make it up to me?”

If he says yes and then you ask him what he’s willing to do. (Note: if he’s not a broke dude, never accept money)

If he comes back after playing you like a little bitch, after treating you like shit he’s gotta have a complete submission. Never accept a guy who just wants to come back without making him pay a price.