Do This When Women Play Mind Games With You (CLASSIC VIDEO)

Today we’re going to be talking about when it’s not appropriate to call out women in their games.

1. When she friendzones you – If a woman tells you lets just be friends, Just say no to friendship and just move on.

2. Lateness and cheating – Generally when you’re on a date with a woman and she’s 10-15 minutes late, just say you don’t like people who are late. When a woman cheats on you that’s another thing. Call her out.

3. Don’t call her out just because she didn’t give you sex. – You have no right for sex.

4. Don’t call a woman out for flaking – What you do is just stop initiating contact.

5. Don’t call a woman out for being a tease. – Just pull away and the only time to call her out is when you feel like she only wants friendship.