Don’t Change Him: Replace Him

One of the hardest things for most of my subscribers and for most of the people who I coached is to accept when the guy just will not change. That’s the hardest part to accept: when the guy just doesn’t like you or when the guy doesn’t do the things that you want him to do or when he’s not as faithful as you want him to be.

Here’s the concept: you don’t change the guy, you just replace him. You might say that it’s difficult but it’s possible. If you stay with the wrong guy, you’ll never give space to the right guy. By pushing away the wrong guys, you automatically gain something because it’s addition by subtraction.

Never try to change a guy. He doesn’t eat you out? Find a guy who does that shit. He has anger problems? Find a guy who doesn’t.

The problem that you ladies have is that some of you are just stubborn. Some of you just want to change a guy when he’s not that kind of person–the kind of person that can love you the way you want to be loved.

Changing a guy create frustration and resentment. Don’t change a guy, replace him. It’s that simple. Well, yeah it’s not simple, to be honest with you, it hurts but you got to realize that you are a human being and humans are meant to relate to other humans. Humans are biologically wired to feel a connection with humans–if it’s the right human.

Don’t get me wrong, it is hard to find somebody who you have chemistry with but it’s not impossible. As long as you put yourself in a position to find somebody, you will find somebody who you’ll feel chemistry with and who will love you back BUT you’ll never find it if you stay with the wrong guys.

Replace, don’t change. Those guys can’t change. If he’s not ready to be in a relationship, stop trying to convince him to be in a relationship. REPLACE because he’s not the right guy for you.