Don’t buy into women’s seductive charms. You think women are always gonna be like that (nice, charming etc) so, as a result, you sort of become afraid to hurt her because you sort of see her as a delicate flower. You’re afraid to pull away simply because you’re afraid that she won’t be able to handle the pain. I know it because I’m that way too.

Naturally, I’m a nice guy. I wasn’t born an alpha-male or a player. I was born as a charismatic kid, a very intense kid, a very passionate and I love teaching. My strength when I was a kid was empathy. I was a very loving person and I genuinely would love people when I get to know them.

What tends to happen is that, in seduction, it’s a completely Machiavellian world–like being in jail. Women will lower guards through them being sweet and what will happen is that you’ll begin to treat them nicer (which you should) but you don’t want to pull the trigger and you don’t want to pull away.

If you’re with a girl and you began to fall in love with her, you’re not gonna want to inflict pain because you love her too much and you feel bad. Eventually, what tends to happy when you underestimate them is that they’ll pull away and they’ll end up having the power and you’ll think back and realize how dumb you were. Simple as that.