Every High Value Man Mastered This Emotional Skill

Today, we’re gonna talk about the emotional skill that every man needs to develop particularly when it comes to being a man protecting masculinity and women being attracted to you. A man who does not know how to control his emotions is a man who will always be played.

You have to develop these skills. If you don’t do this you won’t know how to be alone, you won’t know how to develop a purpose, and you won’t know how to create discipline. Discipline is required to be successful in life.

A loyal Patreon supporter asked me what are some of the emotional skills every man needs right now.

The skills that you’re going to learn will help you when a woman tries to make you feel needy. This video will teach you how to keep yourself grounded.

The first skill is knowing yourself, and self-awareness. Not all self-awareness is good as there are different types of it. Knowing how to be self-aware is actually a talent. Because study shows that some people possess more of the ability to sense the emotions of others. Some people feel a lot, some people don’t feel a lot.

The second skill is managing your emotions. It’s pretty much handling what you are aware of. What you want to do is become aware of the emotion, observe, say yes to it and speak to it.

The third skill is to motivate yourself. Something you can do with yourself is visualize what you want to do. When we want to do something, we naturally visualize it. Having a skill that you want to master will give you the motivation to push yourself further. 

The fourth skill is to recognize the emotion of other people. You have to shut your mind down while you are talking to people. Rather than focusing on what you are gonna say next, feel your body from within, and stop thinking. Try to imagine why they say what they want to say. Just observe and amplify. 

The last skill is managing the emotions of other people. Pay attention to people’s emotions and know their temperament. Once you know the feel of other people’s temperament, you always consider how they are, you know their personality, and you don’t treat people the same. 

These are the keys to developing social intelligence.