Every Nice Girl Should Learn This Skill

First of all, chemistry can be felt in one direction not all the time but a lot of times. And it does make you feel and think that the other feels the same way. Chemistry is such an enveloping feeling or an aura that you feel that they also feel it or that the looks they’re giving you are because they’re fascinated by this conversation you’re having but in reality, he may not be feeling that. So you have to be careful whenever you feel that intense chemistry and take a step back.

Let guys do all the work. Learn to form your mistakes and never overpursue a guy like this. You shouldn’t chase a guy because that will make you look needy. Also, don’t get mad if the guy is not putting on more effort thus accept it for what it is. Don’t demand more of him and just move on. Remember, if a guy likes your he will put in more effort.

You also gotta lower your expectations. If you’re expecting too much you got to learn to develop rational negativity. Where in you expect this not to work out or you lower your hope of things working out. This makes you more realistic because if you’re too excited you create a thought of how perfect he is. So calm down and change the way you think and that will change your behavior and before you know he is the one chasing you.