Everything Women Get Wrong About Men

We’re gonna be talking about what women need to understand about men. And some misunderstandings between women cause a gap in the relationships between men and women.

The reason why we have misunderstandings is because of the roles that we play. Women are the receiver and men are the aggressors and because of this mentality, we develop certain viewpoints and reactions based on those real feelings. The problem is that we lack self-awareness because we are too self-consumed without roles we are having misunderstandings because we can’t see through those veils.

Now there are two people in a guy. His head and his d*ck are an entirely different person. There are some guys who think they like you but in reality, they just wanna have sex with you, and even they become their own victims too. You have to understand that we didn’t want that too and it’s like your perception is being enhanced because the body needs to procreate.

Another thing is men appreciate the women who friend-zoned them more than the women who actively liked them. So you wanna put him in an illusion that you don’t know what you are looking for. And then put them in situations friends are not usually in so that in his mind he thinks he overcome your resistance but in reality, there was no resistance it was just a smoke screen to make him invest more in you.

The next one is as soon as we feel we got you, we lose interest. This is something you have to keep in mind and don’t resent those facts and play the game accordingly. Sometimes we tend to neglect the fact that you got to play to the rules.

Don’t tell guys who you’re been with, you don’t wanna be honest about all these things. This is called selective honesty most guys are too secure to find out how many men you’re been with so it’s a lot better to lie. I’m telling you ignorance is bliss, especially for insecure people.

Now if you’re a freak you gotta hide that and let him find out on his own or even better you gotta let him see hints of freakiness, You don’t have to be so obvious about being a freak. You wanna suppress your sexuality not be afraid to show it but suppress it not out of fear but out of understanding.

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