Falling In Love Is Darker Than You Would Expect!

Today we’re gonna be talking about how falling in love is a little darker than you would expect. On the outside falling in love looks beautiful but on the inside, there is something that you have no idea that when you see you may not want that. Because falling in love makes a lot of problems.

First thing first when you fall in love you are replaying your childhood and attempting to be either the child or the parent. Because the foundation of attraction has almost infantile origins we want to replicate the relationship with our parents. Anything that replicates this vulnerable and parent relationship tends to be attractive.

Another thing when you fall in love is that it brings uncontrollable emotions and feelings of vulnerability we don’t like which could trigger mental episodes for certain people. It brings out the dark side of your partner because when falling in love we are able to take off the mask and escape reality through irrationality.

We have this thing called mate guarding. Mate guarding is making sure that other guys can’t touch your woman. And this became so successful that it’s wired in men to be jealous and controlling.

Another dark side that came out is caternal murders. Where falling in love makes someone murder their partners because of jealousy. Some people change for the worse when they fall in love. People in general lose their sense of purpose. 

Falling in love also comes with pain and fear of loss. You’re basically combining emotions to create new emotions. The problem is the positive emotion of love and the negative emotion of losing someone create an undertone of negative emotion. And it keeps bound to them.

And that’s it! So be careful who you are falling in love with cause when you fall in love you get blinded and you stop seeing people for who they are. You start projecting your fantasies into them. A lot of us have archetypes or the type of person we want to love so will project certain traits unto them. And this projection blinds you and detaches you from your reality and this gets you manipulated. So get out of that and start seeing the person on who they are.