Female Insecurities That Instantly Turn Man Off

Today we’re gonna talk about 24 female insecurities that turn men off. Remember, humans all come with insecurity, and not having insecurity is not ultimate confidence. Confidence comes through competence and practice and seeing tangible results, other than that any confidence that does not have actions and accomplishments is just grandiosity.

  1. Excessive jealousy to the point that you have to control their phones, that any time a guy or a girl smiles at your man you think he/she is flirting with him, and to the point that where you become obsessed with the person and you feel like you need to control their lives.
  2. Needing 24/7 attention. That means you text him all the time, you don’t leave the guy alone, you always wanna be with him and you always get offended when he needed his own space.
  3. Desire to speed things up. This will make a guy think that you are desperate.
  4. Not standing up for yourself when a guy did something bad and you didn’t stand for yourself. This will make him lose respect for you.
  5. Obsessive needs pf validation from others. You focus on yourself so much that you don’t even notice how it comes across to people.
  6. Self-obsession when you go excessively people see that and they judge you about it.
  7. Fear of losing a guy. When you have so much fear to lose a guy you let them disrespect you.
  8. You constantly go through your significant other’s phone.
  9. You do not want to do any social activities with your significant other.
  10. You do not want your significant other to do any social activities with you.
  11. You often worry about your significant other previous partners. And you always compare yourself with the previous partner.
  12. You want to know the passwords to your significant other’s accounts.
  13. You often cry when you and your significant other get into a confrontation.
  14. Acting like the victim. The victim mentality which you act as a victim to get rewarded or have attention.
  15. You often fear losing your significant other.
  16. You often think that your significant other may try to find somebody else.
  17. You want to know where your significant other is at all times.
  18. You fear that your significant other will talk with anyone else dateable.
  19. You text, call or email your significant other consistently with little or no replies.
  20. You often question if your significant other is lying to you.
  21. You want to feel consistently reassured about your relationship.
  22. You guilt-trip your partner when they do not call you and do not quickly respond to their text.
  23. You apologize as a mean to avoid conflict with small things.
  24. You are overly critical or overanalyze everything you say or do on regular basis.